Take Back The Nights – A VR Music Festival Experience

Take Back The NightsLight The Future returns with a new immersive and interactive music festival through a gaming simulation format which features local Singaporean artists, musicians, industry experts and F&B establishments.

Credits: Take Back The Nights

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival was imagined to be a livestream which helped highly skilled specialists in the local live music scene. A year later, the festival launches an all new music festival VR experience which includes 19 of the best local visual artists and musicians, including several local businesses.

Light The Future will debut on 6 August 2021, in the first of four monthly episodes that will run every first Friday until 5 November 2021. The lineup will involve a rotation of three to four local music acts every first Friday of the month which complements a panel of speakers who will discuss elements of music and entertainment, including three visual artists displaying their works in the VR world. Music acts will include Plainsunset, Linying, Shirlyn & The UnXpected, Astronauts, O$P$ and DJ Aldrin. The other lineups for other monthly episodes will be released on their website.

To further enhance the gaming simulation experience, audiences will also be able to upgrade their free interactive music festival experience which includes Festival Superpowers that allows them to fly around the festival grounds, travel on iconic sky rides such as Chomp Chomp the Stingray and Sambal the Whale, and also access exclusive content. Take Back The Nights – Light The Future aims to bring audiences into a VR open world of music, arts and entertainment while utilising a familiar video gameplay format. Audiences will also be able to enjoy the interactive festival with their friends all in a friendly environment of a virtually reimagined Somerset Belt. Interested parties can register for the festival on their website.

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