Hometown Heroes: A Gameshow Featuring Singapore’s Music Artists

A gameshow, Hometown Heroes, featuring artists from Singapore is coming to you from July 21! Hosted by Jon Chua JX and RRILEY from The Sam Willows, the series will feature teams of musicians from the four corners of Singapore where they will go head to head in the ultimate regional face-off.

Credits: Zendyll

The documentary and gameshow series will feature neighbourhoods and uncover food and culture that have influenced the musicians in Singapore. Not only that, you will also get to explore their regions through the challenges and songwriting. Each team will comprise of three artistes and a producer.

Get ready to see artists like Aisyah Aziz, Estelle Fly, Shye, and established local producers J.SON and evanturetime face off next week on YouTube, Facebook Watch and Instagram TV. Future episodes will be launched on Wednesdays. On the final episode, there will be a live showcase and awards ceremony, with each side performing their songs and audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favourites on their website.

Are you on team North, South, East or West?

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