Treat Yourselves to Delectable Nougats without Hopping on a Plane!

It is unfortunate that we are unable to travel due to the pandemic. I am missing Australia especially their snacks. You would usually receive this snack as a souvenir whenever someone visits the land down under! Since we cannot travel physically, let’s get our taste buds to travel instead and make this snack on our own.


You will only need four ingredients to make this snack; 230g of marshmallows, 50g of unsalted butter, 100g of milk powder and 120g of mix nuts. Time to start making it! 


Melt the butter over low heat. Slowly, add in the marshmallows till it melts. Then, add in the milk powder. Keep stirring and ensure that the mixtures will be like a softly kneaded dough. 


While the mixture is still hot, quickly add the mixed nuts and off the stove. Once it is all combine, it is time to flatten the mixture on the tray. Remember to do it fast as the mixture will automatically harden by itself. 


Once you find the mixture mildly soft and not harden, you can cut them into cubes or shapes that you desire. You are done and it is time for you to taste it. However, if you prefer your nougat to be hard, keep it inside a container and place them inside the fridge.

After tasting it, I realized that ittasted more like an Arabic version of Nougats. I am already thinking of making this again but I will be making some twist to it like adding different kinds of nuts, dried fruits and maybe experiment it with chocolates.

It is the long weekend. Hype up this festivity with this homemade nougats!

Merry Christmas!

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