Annette Lee Enlightens us with her EP “Song For The Underdog”

Her name is no stranger to the world of social media. Her videos have been shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and she is also on YouTube and Tik Tok. Affiliated to SGAG, she writes, directs, acts and composes music for many of SGAG’s viral videos. She is non other than Annette Lee! Today, we will get to uncover Lee as a singer-songwriter.

Credits: Daniel Ho

Pop music with hints of other genres such as rock and folk can be heard in Lee’s songs. These are the genres she grew up listening to and thus influenced her music. Lee debuted her EP, All Our Achilles Heels back in 2017 and is now back with a new EP, Song For The Underdog. She spent nearly two years on it, working with Colton Price and Grammy Award Winning producer Jerricho Scroggins.

Credits: Daniel Ho

“The EP is made up of a collection of encouragements, the most anthemic of all being the title track, Song For The Underdog, which is why I named the EP after that song,” explained Lee on the reason behind the EP’s name. Lee added that the songs in her EP are words to herself but also to others who she feels needs to hear it too. She hopes that when people listen to her songs, they will know that whatever circumstances they are in, there is hope. These songs were inspired in the pit of a dark moment, shedding light into her situation.

Other than busy with music, Lee has been working on new videos for her social media channels. She is really excited about her upcoming videos which includes satire news show News Plannette and the YouTube series, Glowing Up where she will share about things she learnt about growing up. This multi-talented lady keeps creating new stuffs for us to enjoy. She films, acts and does music which makes us wonder which one is her favourite if given a choice just to do one.

Lee had difficulties to choose one and picked both filmmaking and music! Both has been her first love and she on stumbled onto acting while on the job. “I guess because of the nature of either of those, I am able to integrate the other one in there. For instance, music and soundtracks have always been a huge part of film projects I’ve been on, and I also love creating music videos for my music. So both of those really come hand-in-hand to me,” shared Lee.


More music collaboration are on the way and the single Gold from the current EP will get a new twist to it. Lee shared that she has collaborated with a Korean artist on remixing the song to Korean – English. Exciting times ahead and we cannot wait to see more of Lee’s musical journey. Stream Song for the Underdog on Apple Musicdeezer and Spotify.

Stay connected to Lee by following her on her social medias; Facebook PageInstagram and YouTube.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Annette Lee for the interview and Cango Pte Ltd for coordinating the interview. 


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