Jason Yu Drops New Single “Anyone”

Having recently released Now I Know, singer-Songwriter Jason Yu is back a new single Anyone, which is part of his line-up of releases leading to his upcoming EP.

Credits: Jason Yu

Most of his songs are from personal experiences in romance and going through heartbreaks. Anyone reflects about his struggle of self-worth and seeking to find a sense of purpose and belonging while navigating his way through life. According to Jason, this song explores the irony and frustration of being surrounded by many and yet still feel alone.

Through this song, Jason hopes that anyone listening to it would find reassurance that they are not alone in any of the battles that they are facing, and that everyone is looking for that special someone that truly understands us from within. Jason mentions that he hopes that through his own vulnerabilities, it would provide comfort to those fighting their own demons knowing that they are not alone.

Anyone is the third single of his upcoming EP release. The details on the EP will be released at a later date and we sure cannot wait for it! 🙂 Keep up to date with Yu by giving him a follow on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

Anyone is now streaming on Spotify!

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