Sarah X.Miracle Want(s) You To Know (WYTK) Her Single is Out on October 23

Sarah X.Miracle released her debut single last month. The local singer is back with another new single, WYTK (Want You To Know) which will be out on Friday.

Credits: Sarah X.Miracle

The story behind WYTK is derived from Sarah X’s year long distance relationship (ldr) with her husband. Having being married for six and half years and with a daughter, it was hard not seeing each other after enjoying each other’s presence. “I went through a long-distance relationship where comforting the other partner was almost impossible, leading me to write the phrase “tears I can’t touch on FaceTime,” shared Sarah X. in the hopes that this single speaks to other couples out there facing the same situation. 

I had the opportunity to listen to the song and was able to feel her need for her significant other’s presence and how she missed him. How could you not, after being together for so many years and then find yourself being separated.  Just like any other relationships, ldr has its difficulties too. However, she does not mind going through difficult times as long as she is able to be with him as depicted in the lyrics “if this world was you and me, then this world is all I need”.

Sarah X is pouring her heart out in this single and you should start counting down to WYTK. For more updates on  Sarah X., follow her on her social media platforms: FacebookInstagram and YouTube!

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