Amanda Ong Shares Personal Stories with the Release of Her EP, “Amanda”

Amanda Ong is a Singaporean indie-folk singer-songwriter who crafts her songs with the intention to help listeners struggling with mental health issues to heal through music.


Credits: Joel Chua

Evoking harmony is quintessentially her. Whether vocally or by collaborating fervently, she is a proponent of the Singapore arts community, commissioning a different artist for every one of her music releases. In September this year, she humbly released her self-titled debut EP, Amanda.


Credits: Joel Chua

The six-track EP consists songs written since she was 17. Each track encapsulates a different stage in her coming-of-age. It is a kind, relieving mental throwback for Amanda during her teens and early 20s. The EP explores the themes of family, friendship, self-doubt, love, and conflict through elements of indie-pop, folk, and a cappella.

As you dive into the EP, listen to Amanda’s signature inclination towards vocally-driven soundscapes which is most apparent in Living On My Own, where she creates lush layers of vocal harmonies and percussion to offer a refreshing foil to her other tracks. (My top favourite as I listened to it on repeat!) Furthermore, the dynamics of the EP are balanced with lighter-sounding tunes like You Don’t Exist and Eye To Eye, with the latter being an upbeat bop juxtaposed against the subject matter of frustration.

Connect with Amanda on her social media; Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as she release more fun stuff like a cappella covers performed individually and with her a cappella group, New Recording 47.

Amanda is now available on all major digital service providers such as Spotify!

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