Sarah X. Miracle’s Debut Single, “Don’t Say It”

Sarah X. Miracle is rebirthed with a salt-of-the-earth perspective in the dimensions of The Empowered, The Lover and The Introspective. Read on to know more about her!

Credits: The Linch Agency

Sarah X. Miracle is a Singaporean R&B-Pop singer, songwriter and entrepreneur and she is back with fresh new single –  Don’t Say It! As her comeback, Sarah X. has rebranded herself from previous stage name, Sarah Cheng De-Winne. She was known for her single, Love-Shape Void which emerged a winner at the 12th Independent Music Awards (IMA) for the Best Song, Contemporary Christian/Gospel category. She also earned a nomination for Best Song, R&B/Soul for Diagonal Rain.

Sarah X.’s vocals has been elevated through local and international live performance platforms from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai. She sang the theme song for The Apartment: Style Edition, and was featured in MediaCorp’s inaugural telemovie, Love and Other Bad Habits. In 2019, SonyATV Taiwan invited her to join their international network of songwriters, where she has placed original works with Taiwanese artists HSING黃瑋昕 and Koala Liu 劉思涵.

Credits: The Linch Agency

Don’t Say It is a warm-blooded type of honesty, hoping to stop “him” from completing his propositions before getting to a point of lover’s no-return. Inspired by a good friend’s true story, Sarah X. melds the contradicting feelings into pop-driven beats layered with a soulful musical tension that expresses the courage it took to confront the discomfort with where it was going. Embodying a fresh expression of female empowerment, Sarah X. encourages young women to know their self-worth, and not feel sorry for letting a man down just because he’s “giving it”.

Sarah X. collaborated with Singaporean producer-arranger Shaykh Akhbar with arrangement support from talented newcomer Darren Chan, who programmed the bass and beats. She also engaged Kuala Lumpur-based jazz maestro John Dip Silas to contribute to the soulful quality of the synth arrangement. The song was mixed and mastered by Matt Dougherty from Chicago.

Feel empowered with a listen to Don’t Say It by Sarah X. Miracle on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify and follow her journey on FacebookInstagram and YouTube!

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