Have a Taste of the Sweet and Savoury Boms & Buns!

It is your ordinary cream puffs or rather these Choux puffs are of premium quality. Nutella, Kaya Butter, Susu Keju (Milk & Cheese), Belgian Chocolate and Salted Caramel are some flavours of the Boms.


Sing praises for these Boms that looks exactly like how it was pictured on Instagram. It turned out smaller than expected but upon consuming it you would realised that the creators of these Boms made a good choice in terms of its size. People may feel a tad too overloaded it was any larger.

It is not certain as to what that top portion is perhaps some colouring but it certainly adds to the allure of this particular Boms. The aesthetically pleasing surface is crumbly but does not break apart easily. Neither is it too hard. It was somewhat baked to perfection. There have been times when puff creams spill out from the opposite end when you sink your teeth into them. That was not the case for these Boms!


Nutella is my favourite choice. There were minuscule nuts contained within the cream too which complemented it as a whole. The cream itself – Nutella, as expected was identifiable after a single bite.


Kaya Butter exudes local breakkie vibes with a touch of Durian sensation but fret not it is odourless.


Susu Keju (Milk & Cheese) is another great combo. The crispy cheesy crumbs on top blends well onto the thick creamy flavour.

Belgian Chocolate isn’t my cup of tea. It was initially bitter and mildly sweet but it also comes with a slightly overwhelming aftertaste which wasn’t to my liking. Salted Caramel is the ‘in’ thing these days compliments well with most desserts. The Boms fits delicately as a perfect flavour for a Choux puff.


Despite my disfavour taste of cinnamon, the Cinnamon bun is indeed soft, fluffy and full of flavour. The cream cheese on top helps to eliminate the undesired taste of cinnamons which I don’t fancy.


Overall, they did no wrong with this Boms & Buns be it taste-wise and presentation.

Check out Boms & Buns located at East Village, 430 Upper Changi Road. Alternatively, visit their online store for home deliveries and more!


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