Uncovering Faiz Othman’s DNA as an Actor and Writer

Faiz Othman’s dream acting role is to be a forensic officer, a person who studies human DNA and be ready to study the crime scenes. The Fifth Parlour met up with him to decipher his creative journey as a Singaporean writer and actor!


Credits: Faiz Othman

Being a bookworm, Faiz translates his interest in romance novels into dramatic and comedic works. Faiz conceptualised his ideas from real life scenarios, personal experiences as well as conversations with professionals in the industry. You might spot him at cafes in town sometimes as he enjoys observing “realistic drama” unfold through his field studies on the ground.

Faiz is no stranger to the world of theatre and television. In 2015, he was a contestant on MediaCorp Suria’s Anugerah Skrin and recently played Hilal’s buddy in Mr Ballerino. As a trained actor in theatre, he adapts appropriately to the persona being portrayed on television.  


Credits: Videohub

Back in 2010, Faiz played a supporting role in the telemovie, Cinta Selat Tebrau. The collaboration between Singapore and Malaysia’s production featured well known actors such as Rosyam Nor, Mastura Ahmad, El Faeza Ul Haq and more.

When asked about his dream role, he revealed that he would like to be a forensic officer. Referencing to MediaCorp TV dramas such as The Pupil and Code of Law; he talked about his obsession of understanding the process of studying crime scenes and the ability to translate it realistically on screen.

Given the chance to work with local actors and actress, Faiz would love to work with Nurul Aini, Fir Rahman and Jeanette Aw. He admires their acting styles and wants to learn from them too!


Credits: Faiz Othman

As for now, Faiz is busy working behind the scenes. His short film, If Only, written by him, will be premiering on YouTube in September. He is also working on a series of short stories that are due for release in 2021.

Great things are lining up for Faiz! Be sure to be part of his journey by following him on Instagram!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Faiz Othman for the interview!

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