“Because of who you are, I can be everything I am” – Nathan Hartono Performs the 2020 NDP Theme Song!

The Fifth Parlour celebrates all things great for locals by locals! For the month of August, a campaign series featuring local talents will be delivered to you, our valuable readers! As we overcome the tough times, we  should stay resilient and admire those who keep Singapore safe and optimistic. To keep the ball rolling, we began with Nathan Hartono’s performance of the NDP theme song!

With National Day around the corner, this year’s national day parade theme song was recently released. The song entitled ‘Everything I Am’ is performed by local artist, Nathan Hartono. He is no stranger to the local music industry. Nathan first shot to fame after winning the first runner up of Sing! China and many of you should remember him as the milo peng boy who distributed free Milo after his success on the show.

This NDP song is composed by jazz musician Joshua Wan, while the music video is directed by He Shu Ming. Unlike previous theme songs, this year’s song has a rather sombre yet meaningful vibe to it. With the ongoing pandemic happening, the lives of many Singaporeans has changed and yet we still see fellow Singaporeans helping one another through this hard time.

As illustrated from the music video, it shows Singaporeans from all walks of life and how they’re coping with the ‘new normal’. From video calls with family and loved ones to the frontline health workers who has sacrificed so much to help the nation battle with this pandemic. Personally, my favourite lyric from the song is ‘Because of who you are, I can be everything I am’, this sentence resonates with me as it reminds me that through the love from your family and loved ones, I’m not alone during this time.

There is no doubt that this year’s National Day Parade will be a very different one, not your usual parade at the Marina Bay Floating Platform with thousands of spectators. Instead, the parade will be reaching out to the heartlands, bringing it closer to everyone from different estates. This year’s fireworks show will take place at more than 10 different sites in Singapore while an intimate show will be performed at The Star Theatre, which will be broadcasted over television and the internet.

Let’s keep our hearts together and work together to build a stronger Singapore, and fight through this pandemic!

The Fifth Parlour would like to wish all our readers a Happy National Day!

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