Walaku – A Food Paradise That has Something for Everyone!

The first thing you see right before you step into Walaku is their martabak manis station. That is where they churned out their famous sweet pancakes filled with different varieties of filling such as Red Velvet, Ondeh-Ondeh, Black Charcoal, and the classic Peanuts and Corn.


On their menu, they offer a variety of fusion meals that can appease the taste buds of all ages. Their shellout comes with generous servings of sauce of your choice such as salted egg, sambal, black pepper and many more.


They offer the usual Malay fares but with flair. For example, my personal favourite, is their linguine Laksa with smoked duck. The tantalising taste of duck paired with the rich creamy sauce is absolutely delightful to the palate. They also have Nasi Lemak Bakar; served with fried chicken, Penang Char Kway Teow with Big Prawns, Nasi Goreng Kampong and many more local delights.

What you may find interesting on their menu is the fusion Western and pasta specials. Lemak Chili Api Soft Shell Crab Pasta is really as tasty as it sounds. If you’re not a fan of spice, you may want to skip this and try Salted Egg Pasta and Grilled Salmon. The salted egg sauce is not cloying and the grilled salmon compliments the pasta so that you will be wanting more with each bite.


Their generous serving of Kacang Pool comes the usual garnish of raw onions, green chili, and lime. Eat it with the bread that has been toasted with butter and you have gotten yourself a winner’s meal right there. Hearty, and full of flavours.

Lastly, I cannot rave enough about the Salted Egg Shimeji Mushrooms. A nice snack to complement any meal you may have at Walaku. Also, don’t forget to try their variety of milkshakes. You will definitely be wanting more of Walaku!

So what are you waiting for, head down to Walaku at 102 Joo Chiat Road and enjoy the food! Please note that they are close on Mondays.

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