Swoon over Narysal Nurdanel’s vocals in “Fade Away”!

Credits: Narysal Nurdanel

One of Singapore’s rising singers, Narysal Nurdanel just released his first single, Fade Away. The single recently hit the airwaves via local radio stations such as 987FM. The Fifth Parlour had the chance to chat with Narysal via email as we adapted to the social distancing measures in place. Read on to find out more about some interesting facts he shared about himself!

Narysal’s first foray into singing happened in 2010 during his tertiary studies at ITE, when he was part of the A Cappella group. The group did very well at the National A Cappella Championships and was awarded 3rd place at the Busan Choral Festival competition. Narysal has also performed at various local events such as at the Esplanade; Voices Originals: Narysal Nurdanel and DBS x *SCAPE Pitch Please at the DBS Bank Plaza Singapura in 2018. Additionally, Narysal was also part of the Caomkakis when he was in the SAF Music and Drama Company. He is currently a member of The Apex Project, do check out their performance!

Credits: Narysal Nurdanel

At the age of 10, Narysal began taking an interest in singing and decided to take up vocal lessons subsequently when he was 22 years old. After pursuing a career in music, he finally became a teacher just 2 years ago in 2018. He enjoys R&B and Soul music very much and cites some of his biggest inspirations to be Brian McKnight, Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder. Narysal even got to meet his biggest inspiration, McKnight, and they had a really good conversation about music and life!

“Fade Away is about being reminiscent of the love they used to share and at the same time knowing the inevitably of their love that’s about to fade away.”, Narysal explains.

As a first-time listener of his music, I felt the unique qualities of the song which took me back to the R&B music of the 90s. I envision it as a throwback to All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo released in 1998 and brings back lots of great memories. This being his debut single, Narysal hopes to stay active in the scene and collaborate musically with others in Singapore, and abroad as he continues his solo career.

Apart from music, Narysal also shared that he is a big basketball fan (he frequently watches NBA matches), an avid gamer and a huge foodie! Stay connected with Narysal and check out his Instagram for his future projects!

Fade Away is now available for streaming on Spotify and all music platforms!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Narysal Nurdanel for the email interview!


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