Quest Reiterates the Saying, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”

Did you managed to catch the debut of Music Matters Live From Home last Wednesday? Season 2 started with a collaboration between Simple Plan and performers from Asia Pacific such as Lil J, QUEST, RRILEY, Sheppard and Teddy Adhitya.

The artists collaborated on Simple’s Plan’s Summer Paradise. I loved how during this pandemic artist from across the world come together with the help of technology.


Credits: Music Matters 

The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to catch up with one of the artists involved in the collaboration – Jose Villanueva III or better known as Quest. Sharing his experience of working on the collaboration, Quest shared it was very surreal to have this opportunity because he grew up listening to Simple Plan. And what is even better is he got to work with the best of the best from the region!

He hopes that he will have the chance to work with the artists that was featured. “I would love to make a song with each of them. An anthemic track with Sheppard, a feel good happy track with Rriley, a head bop hiphop track with Lil J and a smooth inspiring life song with Teddy Adhitya,” revealed Quest.


Credits: Music Matters 

This will not be the last for Quest on Music Matters Live From Home. Together with our very own local talent, INCH, both of them will be appearing on the second episode. Not revealing too much, Quest shared that they have come up with a really good track.

Apart from preparing for the collaboration, Quest made use of his time wisely during this period. He has been making music and working out. Being productive has its advantages. He has been recording everyday since the pandamic. Fans will be glad to know that he will be releasing not one but TWO EP – a tribute to his previous EP PAGPUPUGAY (to Celebrate or to congratulate) as to honor all the frontliners in the Philippines and an English EP DAYDREAMS AND NIGHTMARES.

Quest is a perfect example of how to make use of our free time productively. Take up a new hobby or use this time to hone on your current skills! For a preview of his tracks, check out his Spotify playlist!

Catch Quest and Inch tomorrow on Music Matters’ Facebook and YouTube at 10 pm SGT!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Quest for the interview and Never PR for coordinating the interview!

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