Hayley Williams Goes Solo with Petals for Armor!

Many bands that we all know today, have a similar dilemma as such the lead singer would go about to experiment on a solo career. Just to name a few, Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, Sting from The Police, Amy Lee from Evanescence, Julian Casablanca from The Strokes, Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath as the list goes on. These bands have met commercial success while they hang out with their bandmates for special reunion concerts in the future for fans.

Paramore was a trailblazing band as they carved their own unique path in the alternative-pop rock category. As they began rocking live stages and television programmes since 2004, Hayley Williams was the talented vocalist accompanied by guitarist – Taylor York and drummer – Zac Farro.

Hayley was dubbed as the next Gwen Stefani as she show the world what women in the rock bands can do the same. She co-founded Paramore with Farro and was signed to Atlantic Records. But, the record label was only interested to sign Hayley, she fought for the band. Subsequently, Paramore was proven successful as the release of Misery Business from their second album RIOT!.


Credits: Lindsey Brynes

Hayley had plans for a solo career after Paramore’s fifth album, After Laughter was released. The inspiration for most of the songs were based on her struggle with depression and the journey she had after 3 original members left the band. She fought and claw her way up. She says Paramore was done right after the departure of Jeremy Davis. Hayley went for therapy and at the same time wrote some material as an outlet to grief. It was later used for her solo album, Petals for Armor. The project is produced by her companion and bandmate, Taylor.

The 15 track album shows an utterly new side of Hayley as it differs greatly from those you would have listened from Paramore. Every track tells you a different story through it beautiful lyrics. I can honestly say that it really shows how creative she can be and how much pain and suffering she had to go through when she was in Paramore.


Credits: NME

In all, it is really tough to choose a favourite track as it equally great! But, if I have to name a few, Simmer truly stands out among the rest. When we got to hear the preview of it as Hayley started dropping sneaks of the track, I was expecting a Decode or Playing God but boy was I surprise! This track shows the pinnacle of her career as a solo artist. We all know the song was written to who, but we shall keep it a mystery for you guys to figure it out!

Secondly, Pure Love is just everything for me. The beat and high notes at the end of the last chorus was just magical. You may have heard Hayley hitting those notes from some Paramore songs, but there’s a little different feel to it!

Lastly, Dead Horse! What more can I say about this? This track should have been the first single in my own opinion, because this track carries most of the weight in this album honestly. The lyrics to this song are just powerful and show the vulnerable side of Hayley. It shows the fight against the monsters in her life. Listen to this track and you might agree with me that this track triumph over other tracks in the album.

Follow Hayley Williams on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates on her music and future concerts! Petals for Armor is out now on Spotify and all streaming platforms and digital platform for purchase.


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