Kären McCormick Releases ‘Heartbroken Girls’ from her upcoming Debut EP

Kären McCormick has been a storyteller all her life. Having written since she was a kid, McCormick penned her very first song when she was just 13! It is certainly not a surprise that she is now a singer-songwriter. Her debut single, We were on Fire, garnered more than 50K streams on Spotify and her single, Dancing with him Tonight, garnered more than 85K streams on Spotify last year!

Credits: C2 Entertainment

Like most of us, the 24-year-old has been staying home since the outbreak of COVID-19. Lucky for her, she is staying with her family in Washington. While some may find themselves bored staying at home, McCormick felt otherwise. She has been spending time with her family, connecting with her listeners via live streams and has taken the time to practice music by means of learning a new song to cover or writing new music.

Speaking of which, McCormick has just released her new single and accompanying acoustic video, Heartbroken Girls. Heartbroken Girls is the first single off her debut EP which will is to be released in the next few months. Personally, this is her favourite single thus far because it resonates with her and is the sound that she is moving forward with as an artiste. What makes this heartbreak song different, is that it is an upbeat anthem, instead of being a predictable debbie downer of a track!

Describing her music as a cross of country, pop and R&B, Heartbroken Girls, was inspired through a personal experience. “I think it is important to recognize that while some heartbreak can be tough, there can also be a positive in the experience such as learning something about yourself and what you want from a future relationship. I hope when people hear this story, they are able to find a positive spin in their own heartbreak,” explained McCormick.

So what can listeners expect from the EP?

In one word, stories! Stories about her life over the past few years. McCormick shares that she loves being a songwriter in country music because it is always based around a story and told in such a way that nearly anyone can relate to it. She feels relieved after having completing the EP because it felt like she has closing out a chapter in her life, whilst acknowledging what has happened, and using it to connect with others.

Connecting with others is what McCormick misses the most while being quarantined! She misses doing live shows and playing music for people in person. Likewise, for us, missing attending gigs and concerts! But now, let’s all stay home and stay connected to McCormick via her social media platforms; Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and website!
The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Kären McCormick for the interview and C2 Entertainment for coordinating the interview!

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