Pop Rock group Lawson reunites with new tune ‘Lovers’


English pop rock band Lawson, consisting of Andy Brown, Joel Peat, Ryan Fletcher and Adam Pitts, has reunited after 4 years to release their brand new single, Lovers. Many of you would remember their hits like Standing in the Dark, Where My Love Goes and When She Was Mine.

Right before the released of their new single, Lawson teased fans with a mini documentary Lawson- Where Are They Now as a way to announce their reunion as band. As you can see from the clip, it is filled with lots of humor as to what the lads were up to individually prior to their reunion.

Lovers is different from their other releases as it is electro pop with lots of feel good vibes that makes you want to singalong to it every time you hear it. The song captured the joy of a young love and the importance of being with someone that you really love, as you can hear from the lyrics.


A four years hiatus is long, but we are sure glad that Lawson is reuniting and we cannot wait to hear more tunes from them again! Meanwhile, enjoy their music video for Lovers! 🙂

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