Say Thank You to your Mum with A Meaningful Single by Sheppard!

Celebrating Mother’s Day might be different for some of us this year as we are unable to hold a house party unlike the virtual video app for our beloved mum. But with technology, there are other ways for us to celebrate with our Mum without being physically there. 

Apart from the routine video call we make to our Mum, how about sending her a music video by Sheppard as they released their single, Thank You!


I first heard of this single during their Facebook Live session on Friday. The lyrics are relatable and meaningful. It brings you back to the time when you are still a kid. You will be able to reminisce your growing up years. Listening to the song makes you miss your mum more than ever. It has such a simple yet impactful lyrics!

Since most of us are unable to move around freely because of the lockdown, making music videos becomes a challenge for the band. Hence, the band got their fans to send in clips of themselves spending time with their mothers or kids. That element makes the music video so much special.

Stream the song at your favourite music provider; Spotify and iTunes

So when this virus is all over, head straight to your mum’s house and give her a big, tight hug. For now, you can send her the video link of the single if you are too shy to say it in words.

To all our beautiful and caring mothers, Happy Mother’s Day to you! Thank you for all your sacrifices!



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