COVID-19: Social Distancing Performances From Around The World!

The arts and entertainment scene has been negatively impacted by the deadly Coronavirus. The mass lockdown of countries have left the streets and performance venues a ghost town as governments imposed hefty regulations to prevent the further spread of the pandemic. These led to the cancellation or postponement of various music festivals such as Coachella and award shows like the Anugerah Meletop Era 2020 (AME) in Malaysia.

A musical movement has been trending around the world. In Asia, Mainland Chinese performers such as rappers Kafe Hu, Tizzy T, rock groups Birdstriking and Re-Tros participated in the Strawberry Music Festival which were live-streamed free on local social media app, Bilibili. World-renowned South Korean, BTS launched its latest album, Map of the Soul: 7 through a global press conference which was streamed on YouTube and local entertainment app, V Live. On Valentine’s Day, WINNER performed live on V Live as its Seoul concert was cancelled and it attracted over 1 million views!

Levi’s United States launched series of concerts, 5:01 Live which began on 23rd March to encourage people to stay connected through social media. The live performances are streamed at 5:01pm PST on weekdays from local artists such Kali Uchis, Snoop Dogg and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. It aimed to provide peace of mind for the masses while supporting the arts. On top of that, it also has an element of fundraising; MusicCares Coronavirus Relief Fund and the Global Citizen/WHO’s Solidarity Response. The Instagram live showcases can be found by using the hashtag #UseYourVoice!

MTV renewed its signature programme, Unplugged and immersed it with the self-isolation and social distancing initiatives. Unplugged at Home is a series of online performances at the comfort of ones homes. It is available on MTV YouTube, Instagram and Twitter from 21st March. Wyclef Jean kicked off the show as the first artist performing hits such as If I Was President, Gone Til November and Hips Don’t Lie whom he collaborated with Shakira! This is in line with MTV’s #AloneTogether campaign that supports social distancing. Stay tuned to Instagram for the upcoming performers!

On 16 March, a series of virtual concerts began and propagated by various artists around the world. The frontrunner of Coldplay, Chris Martin performed a solo acoustic version of the band’s hits such as Yellow, Viva la Vida and A Sky Full of Stars. The following day, John Legend sang Stay With You, All of Me and more! The concert challenge worked through a nomination system. The intimate performances can be witnessed through their respective social media pages such as Instagram and YouTube!

Both Martin and Legend partnered with Global Citizen, a non-profit organisation and The World Health Organization (WHO) with the #TogetherAtHome campaign to encourage people to isolate themselves at home and to visit the WHO website when in doubt about the coronavirus.

Keep yourselves isolated in your home and enjoy some heartfelt performances by various artists from around the world. Be updated by the local news and be kind to one another as we go through the pandemic together!

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