Phua Chu Kang Remind Singaporeans to Be Steady! #SGUnited

When you think of a song during the SARS outbreak, Phua Chu Kang will for sure come to mind. Up till now, I’m sure there are people who still remember the tune. The moment we have been waiting for is here! Phua Chu Kang is back with a new song!

In the video, Phua Chu Kang reminds Singaporeans to use your brain during this pandemic by checking the facts before spreading fake news and also to stop panic buying. On top of that, he shares ways of how to take care of yourself by washing your hands and alternative ways to protect yourself. Not as catchy as the previous one, but the melody and tune sure will slowly get to your head!

Other than Phua Chu Kang, we also have a group of artiste and Singaporeans who got together to lend their voice for a good cause.

The song, The Light sung by MediaCorp artistes cheering our frontline heroes who have been working tirelessly to fight this virus!

This song is familiar to us because it was the theme song for National Day Parade in 1999. It was sung by Evelyn Tan and Dreamz FM. For this version, it was sung by Kit Chan, Jim Lim, Cavin Soh and Ric Lui. Other than featuring our frontline heroes, it also features Singaporeans, regardless of their background, coming together to fight this virus!

Look who we have here again – Phua Chu Kang! Oops, I mean Gurmit Singh who is here to remind you to wash your hands with soap!

Jacob Neo, a student from Fairfield Methodist School composed the song and melody, Singapore, Unite as One in just two days. What talent! Performed by students of Fairfield Methodist School, this video feature National University Hospital (NUH) healthcare workers.

Let’s stay safe during this pandemic and pray that this virus will go away soon. Remember to practise social responsibility and take care of one another!

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