Be Dangerously Empowered with AZRA’s Latest Single!

A performer, singer, songwriter, dancer, author, model and motivational influencer sums up the life of AZRA. “I love to inspire and connect with people so that they can feel empowered to go after whatever they wish to be, do, and have. I finally found the medium I want to do this in, which is music,” explained AZRA.

Credits: Tony Barnes Jr

The singer-songwriter has since released her own EP, Freedom in 2017 which has garnered positive response from LA Weekly, VoyageLA, TWIST Magazine, All Things Go, PopDust, Singers Room, Women’s Republic and FOX News, to name a few.

Back in January, she released her single, Right Here which is all about resiliency, recognizing hardships and rising from them all. Based on her own experience, AZRA revealed that, while growing up, she was suffering from juvenile glaucoma (associated with myopia that shows autosomal dominant transmission). Despite that, it did not stop her from achieving her dreams. She learnt that one can either learn and grow from them or let the hardships bring one down. She chose to grow and overcome them. Way to go, AZRA!

This lady right here is not slowing down. Just a month ago, she released yet another single, Dangerous. Another empowering single where she featured ladies from all walks of life sharing about their experience of what is usually expected of ladies. The stereotype is evident in this video and this single wants to tell ladies to live their life “dangerously” regardless of what is expected of them. It is 2020 and I am sure, we should look beyond stereotypes and look at someone based on their personality and ability.

I cannot wait for more music from AZRA because I am loving the message behind all her singles! She is currently busy with working on more music and will be starting to tour soon. So let’s wait patiently for more new music from her!

Keep up to date with AZRA by checking out her website and following her on her social media; FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Thank you AZRA for the interview and Big Picture Media for coordinating the interview!

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