Nathan & Mercury is Darn Serious About Music while being “Genre-Less”

Was the band formed during Mercury retrograde?

Nathan & Mercury’s different theories and rumours finally hit our little red dot, Singapore, for Music Matters 2019!

The four-piece band have been friends since meeting at a music production class in one of the art schools in Manila. The quartet decided to take music seriously after a gig for a friend’s birthday. The band members stayed nearby each other and the name Nathan & Mercury was birthed as they were on their way home and passed by Mercury drugstore.

The band described themselves as “genre-less” but experiment with elements of pop, jazz and soul. Each of the members enjoys listening to a variety of genres but they’re still learning and have decided not to pigeon hole themselves to a particular sound when making music.

Their latest single, Rumours is about the concept of “ranting”, expressing the hate of spreading of rumours and being tired of all the rumours that people would spread about them and the people around them. As far as music production goes, it portrays real life sample sound of daily life such as the sound of hitting a box to a toothbrush and the tearing of paper.

It is Nathan & Mercury’s wishlist to play on a bigger stage in the future and they hope to play in Laneway Festival in Singapore someday!

Currently, the band is back to writing and look forward to releasing their EP next year. Check out their music on Spotify and keep up to tabs with them on Facebook and Instagram!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Nathan & Mercury for the interview and Music Matters Live for coordinating the interview.

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