Two Scare Zones, Five Haunted Houses and One Live Show to Scare You Again for the 9th Time at USS!

It is October and it can only mean one thing for some – Halloween! Pumpkin Spice Latte and dressing up as your favourite Horror character. Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights, HHN is back for the 9th year since 2010!

The HHN always been unique with its Halloween theme nights as its features “Asian ghosts” such as the Langsuir (Vampire), Pocong (wrapped ghost), Toyol (Goblin) and more from the haunted houses. This is a unique element as it is only prevalent in Singapore with addition to those ghosts you watch in Hollywood movies.

With nine lives, how could you survive the night when all the evil spirits lingering around trying to take your soul away? Like always, the HHN 9 features two scare zones, five haunted houses and one live show! The two scare zones are Death Fest and Dead End.

The five haunted houses for the current edition are;

Curse Of The Naga, a haunted house directed by the finest Thai horror directors, Parkpoom Wongpoom and Paween Purijitpanya who are well known for blockbusters such as Shutter and The Eye.

Hell Block 9 is another which attendees acts as inmates trapped in a chaotic situation!

The Spirit Dolls illustrates a story of a parent’s grief of their only daughter caused by the murderous dolls from an abandoned village.

The Chalet Hauntings are rumours or stories heard during a staycation at chalets. Attendees will relive it as they uncover the mystery of two missing boys.

Lastly, The Twisted Clown University is an abandoned carnival ground where the next generation of cold-blooded clowns creates havoc onto the premises.

The live show is entitled Skin and Bones! The fresh and new show screens for a limited time only. Do check out and book immediately to avoid any disappointments!

The highlight of the whole experience for myself was The Twisted Clown University. Why? I disliked clowns very much but the production and the design aesthetics of the haunted house was brilliantly executed and it frightened me! It is the house which I recommend to walk through without hesitation!

The Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Night 9 was a rewarding experience and I would encourage my local and overseas friends to buy tickets before it ends!

Get your tickets now at the website.

Event Details

Date: 27 September – 31 October 2019

Location: Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa

Time: 7.30pm – 12.30pm (Non-peak), 7.30 pm – 1.30pm (Peak)

Ticket prices: Ranges from $53 – $340 based on various packages and promotions

Please note that Halloween Horror Night 9 is only available on selected dates.

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