Viu launches original production ‘No Sleep No FOMO’

The launched party of Viu’s Original production No Sleep No FOMO was held at Zouk Singapore and showcased an impressive array of live acts. No Sleep No FOMO is a brand-new social media-driven reality travelogue featuring the hottest influencers and celebrities.

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The programme is hosted by entertainment veteran Paul Foster, and celebrity co-hosts such as Benjamin Kheng and Nat Ho from Singapore, Hana Tam from Hong Kong ,Laureen Uy from the Philippines and Alexander Lee Eusebio, Eric Nam and Kim Jong Kook from Korea were in attendance for the launch. Kevin Woo from Korea and Taya Rogers from Thailand are amongst the co-hosts featured too.

The guests shared their memorable experiences of undertaking as many missions as possible during the 60 hours of no sleep and non-stop fun journey. Singer-songwriter Eric Nam shared something which he had never done before, and that was crashing the wedding of a stranger and unintentionally saying bad things about his mother during an unplanned stand-up comedy. “It was all in the name of comedy, love you Mom!” he quipped.

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Divided into two groups, Team No Sleep and Team No Fomo, they had a spontaneous dance challenge on stage, that was absolutely hilarious to watch! A lemon-eating challenge was also attempted between the two groups, and two large jugs of Milo were drunk by a member of each group. The winner was the faster of the two.

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The media and fans in attendance had a chance to cast their votes for the winning team and three lucky winners won attractive prizes such as sponsored flights to Korea and Hong Kong, as well as a phone.

On No Sleep No FOMO, the celebrity co-hosts are required to complete fun and exciting missions in the timeframe of 60 hours without any sleep whatsoever. The series rides of the wave of FOMO (fear of missing out) and was based off a YouTube challenge which was then transformed into a new, innovative show with high-end production that takes the audience on a exciting journey to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland and The Philippines. Fan will get to see a side of their favourite celebrities that they have never seen before.

“There are more than 3.4 billion active social media users in the world today,” said Ms Janice Lee, Managing Director PCCW Media Group, “which represents nearly 80% of of all Internet users.” The interactive element of the use of dedicated hashtags #ViuNoSleepNoFomo and #ViuEngage allowed the stars to engage directly with their followers on social media in real time, turning viewers into active co-creators of the show.

No Sleep No FOMO premiered on Viu on 22 March and has a total of eight episodes. New episodes are available every Friday, from 8pm in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Thank you Viu Singapore for the invitation.

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