Hellboy doesn’t make me want to go to Hell

It has been a long, anticipated 10 year wait since the last Hellboy. However, if you are expecting a sequel, you won’t find it in this 2019 version. I would consider it to be more of a remake and prequel to the series we all know and love.

Credits: Just Jared

Hellboy is lead by an amazing cast comprising of David Harbour (Stranger Things), Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil), Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii 5-O, Lost) and Ian McShane (Pirates Of The Caribbean, American Gods) and never fails to hold me captive in my comfy cinema seat as the movie was action-packed from start to end. With some intro to Hellboy and his history, you never be left without wanting more action from the movie.

Due to the violent nature of the movie, Hellboy has been given an M18 rating. Sorry younger fans! In all honesty, I have not felt more excited for a remake since Fantastic 4 (which in my honest opinion was a disappointment). Hellboy definitely lived up to my expectations. I highly recommend to catch the movie when you can, you will be glad to know that they absolutely did justice on this remake.

Hellboy is out in all cinemas now!

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