Samsung x Viu : Getting to know Park Min Young and Kim Jong Kook

Power with the Stars is an event jointly organised by Samsung Singapore and Viu held at Gardens by the Bay on Friday, 10 August 2017. It is in conjunction with Samsung Singapore’s campaign of giving back to the pioneer generation through its Power to Progress as well as the launch of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note9 in Singapore. The collaborative celebration was marked by special appearances by two Hallyu TV personalities from South Korea for the fanmeet which was happening later in the evening. The two are lead actress, Park Min Young from the drama; What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and hunky singer-actor, Kim Jong Kook from the variety show; Running Man, both are highly watched on Viu.

Park Min Young was in Singapore for her first ever fan meet eversince being in the industry for nearly 10 years. She had appeared in roles in dramas including, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Queen for Seven Days and more. The thirty-two-year-old actress shared her personal fashion and beauty tips. She describes her style as simple and practical as she adapts to the weather of the country she visits. She keeps herself looking youthful and flawless by pampering herself with face masks and the constant habit of removing her make up when she is off-screen. She loves to update her Instagram while using the superb camera feature on her Samsung Note and has the habit of personally reading comments posted by fans.

As an actress, Min Young prepares for her roles and projects very carefully and meticulously. She explains that apart from personal physic and dieting, she does research on the history of the person, job function, language and posture as to build a truthful character. This was done for a secretary role in the Korean drama and it was her favourite among the others she ever played. The most challenging scene she had to face during filming of the infamous scene involves her being push away literally on the swivel chair.

Kim Jong Kook is no stranger to the local television, the forty-two-year-old who was from the duo singing group, Turbo which later he decided to pursue a solo career in 2001. He is a fitness junkie who would find time to fit in workout session in between free time. The most extreme sport he ever attempted for skydiving in Dubai and upside swinging in New Zealand. He loves travelling and is very close with his mother. Social media plays a role in his life, as it a source communication with his fans. He enjoys sharing his life experiences and the Samsung Note feature which he uses a lot would be the camera.

As a personality, his fondest memories in television is when the cast of Mission Impossible; Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill were guests in the popular variety show; The Running Men. The shoot was smooth and precise as the Hollywood stars were professional in what they do. When asked who would he would like to meet again, he replied, Jackie Chan, who is his role model. Jong Kook plans to work on his music career and an album may be in the process! He wishes to collaborate with young and upbeat groups such as BTS!

Fans would be treated to a fun and exciting activities during the Samsung/ VIu fanmeet!

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