JJ Lin’s Sanctuary World Tour is now here in Singapore!

JJ Lin is finally back home with his Sanctuary’s concert after three years! Back in June, when his concert tickets were released for public sales, everyone around me spent a nerve-wrecking morning waiting for their queues in the online system. However, many left disappointed as the tickets were all sold out in just minutes!

Thankfully, more seats were released as the dates drew near. In fact, Sanctuary World Tour is making history in Singapore with a total of four nights of performances at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. JJ Lin, we are so delighted and proud to have you back home!

I had the opportunity to attend the very first night of his concert. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. JJ Lin’s vocals completely filled the entire stadium with his passion for singing. “The Walking CD”. Indeed, he really did live up to his latest nickname with such pitch-perfect singing abilities. This nickname was given to him by the Chinese audience when he attended a singing variety show in China. During the season, he was able to adapt and performed numerous Mandarin hits to great perfection. Few would even dispute his singing abilities to reach those challenging musical notes with precision. In fact, Jay Chou has also extended his praises towards JJ with the use of the nickname.

During the concert, not only was JJ able to sing while he was hung upside down, singing at great heights or dancing posed no difficulties too. The highly-acclaimed songwriter David Foster, his special guest for the night, was also full of awe towards JJ’s spectacular performance and reign over various genres of music.

They shared a special collaboration on stage as JJ performed All By Myself, Foster’s composition for Céline Dion, together with his piano piece. At one point of time, Foster announced to the crowd that JJ is fully capable of taking over the stages in America too! As a fellow Singaporean watching from the audience, I felt such great pride towards JJ’s success as a Singaporean artist. He rightly earned his success after years of hard work and dedication towards music and art.

Some of his interactions with the audience were even conducted in Singlish. Indeed, home is where JJ can mix around with his Mandarin and English, where he can divide his crowd according to local delicacies like Bak Kut Teh and Hainanese Chicken Rice.

This concert contained many of his recent songs like Paper Clouds, Eagle’s Eye and Sanctuary. And of course, JJ would never miss out some of his great hits like She said, Westside, Killer, Jiangnan and not forgetting his masterpiece, Twilight. Shall not spoil the surprise for other concert-goers but you are definitely in for a treat of both his classics and recent releases.

JJ Sanctuary World Tour is in Singapore on the 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th August 2018. For snippets of his concert performance, do check out our Instagram account @thefifthparlour!

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