Can we have one “Kopi-C, gao, siudai” with Kang Dong Won?

Back within a year, Kang Dong Won made a low-profile arrival into Singapore last Saturday night. Upon his exit, Kang was immediately greeted by a crowd of fans who were eager to interact with him. Due to strict airport security, fans were only able to reach out to the actor for a photo.

Kang is back in Singapore to promote the action thriller movie, Golden Slumber, starring Han Hyo Joo and Kim Eui Sang, both of whom have previously worked together in the 2016 MBC Drama W. Golden Slumber tells the story about a deliveryman’s nerve-wrecking escape from his pursuing captors. The deliveryman (played by Kang) was framed for a murder he did not commit. With all the odds stacked against him, he found himself tangled in a political conspiracy and clueless as to who he should believe.

During a private meet-and-greet session held on Monday, 2 April, the Korean heartthrob shared his filming experience with close to 200 lucky winners from and UWeekly. He revealed that one of the challenges that he had encountered during the filming of the movie included trudging in sewage water which was severely polluted. During his down time, he would spend time alone in his room to design his character for the movie.

Kang also shared that he had to approach psychiatrists for help to distinguish between himself and the roles he was immersed in. For fans who are curious if the actor would ever consider taking on roles in Korean dramas, Kang expressed his interests in selecting productions with a good script, reliable director and trustworthy production staff.

Kang had just finished filming his debut Hollywood movie and it could be noted that his command of the English language has improved tremendously, so much so that he was able to converse in English throughout the session. Did I also mention that his Singlish is rather impressive? The audience was taken aback when Kang was able to weave in Singlish terms like paiseh so fluently!

During the session, Kang also interacted with fans in a game of ‘This or That’. In summary, Kang’s responses included that he prefers eating over sleeping and exercising, wine over soju, rock over jazz, and here’s a piece of information ardent fans might want to take note of, his shoe size is a US 10 and his waist measurement is 31 inches.

Golden Slumber will hit the big screen soon so be sure to catch the movie in Singapore!

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