The Sam Willows talk new singles and what their ideal robots would be like

In an unconventional move, local pop quartet The Sam Willows recently released not just one but two new singles, Papa Money and Robot, revealing that the songs had been written sometime in early 2017 and that they were elated to finally get to release them. The decision to release both singles at the same time came down to how the songs complemented each other in a drastic way. ‘The topic of the songs also speak about things that are really close to our hearts,’ added Ben.

While the music video for Robot is out now, we learn that the one for Papa Money (in collaboration with Bulgari) will be released sometime in March.

With Papa Money and Robot being vastly different from the band’s previous material, what is the approach taken for their upcoming album?

Narelle explains that the album had been written in a short span of time – they had given themselves two weeks where they wrote every single day – and the end result was the album being about things that were really prevalent in their lives at that point of time. ‘The direction for this album is more truthful and less idealistic,’ Narelle states. ‘Hopefully, people may find it more relatable and get to know us a little bit better as well.’

This being the sixth year since the inception of The Sam Willows, the band collectively agreed that their Take Heart Tour in 2016 was definitely one of the more memorable shows they have done thus far. It was a huge milestone and meant a lot to each of them, having had the chance to meet all the people that had been supporting them along the way.

‘The most memorable gigs for me were the ones that everything went wrong,’ muses Ben. ‘But it’s those times where you try to make the best of the situation, and it’s funny now years after it happened.

If there is one place that The Sam Willows would love to play at, they cite the Philippines as being that one country. While the band had previously opened up for Little Mix on their tour around Asia, they would certainly love to return to the Philippines for their own show.

‘The Filipinos are so enthusiastic and you can tell they really love music,’ Jon recalls about their gig with Little Mix. ‘They don’t care where you’re from, they’re just there to have a good time and they go with that mentality. We feel the energy coming from and we want more!’

‘A lot of our songs are about investing energy. It’s either a high energy celebration of life, or it could be a really emotional, ethereal kind of feel,’ Narelle adds. ‘We really wanna play for a Filipino audience because we feel like they would participate in that energy with us.’

If you missed the Take Heart Tour, or are simply craving to catch The Sam Willows live again, we’ll have you know that a homecoming show is in the works!

We ask The Sam Willows to draw their ideal robots, detailing what features they would love for them to have and here’s what ensued…

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The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Sony Music Singapore for coordinating this interview with The Sam Willows.

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