Ed Sheeran commands Singapore’s unDIVIDEd attention at sold-out shows

In the days leading up to his Divide Tour in Asia and following a bicycle accident, Ed Sheeran had to inevitably cancel some of the earlier tour dates while taking time off to recuperate from his injuries.

Just two weeks prior, Sheeran announced via his Facebook page that he would officially be kicking off the Asian leg of the tour in Singapore, much to the delight of his fanbase here.

As previously announced, American singer-songwriter Lauv joined Sheeran as the opening act for the tour, a particularly special one for him, it is the first arena show he had ever played in his career.

Kicking off the evening with a 30-minute set accompanied by drummer Rob Ernst, Lauv performed his hit songs such as I Like Me Better and The Other, alongside tracks from his EP Lost in the Light as well as his collaboration with DJ Snake, A Different Way (which happens to be co-written by Sheeran).

Credits: Jennica Mae Photography

The earnest lyrics of his songs, combined with his velvety, smooth vocals are certainly something that listeners can resonate with. Lauv kept the crowd hyped as he went back and forth between different instruments, even displaying some of his quirky dance moves. He is certainly one to look out for and was definitely a great addition to precede the main show.

After a short break, the lights in the Singapore Indoor Stadium dimmed down and everyone knew what this meant, instantly taking the cue to arise from their seats, erupting in cheers and awaiting Sheeran’s appearance on stage.

Credits: AEG Presents Asia

Casually clad in a t-shirt and jeans and flanked by his guitar, Sheeran kicked off his portion of the concert with Castle on the Hill off his latest album Divide. Concert-goers were treated to an immersive visual experience with large LED panels positioned right behind Sheeran, as well as extending right above the stage set up, providing stellar video effects set to each individual song and making sure that no matter where you were seated, you were guaranteed to get a good view.

Sheeran’s fanbase has clearly grown since his last concert in Singapore in 2015, going from the 5,000-seater Star Theatre to the Singapore Indoor Stadium which is doubled in capacity. In fact, both shows had been sold out not long after tickets had been up for sale.

Credits: AEG Presents Asia

Playing a medley of songs from his Divide album, such as Eraser, Dive and Perfect, as well as old-time favourites such as Photograph and The A Team, there was not a single moment during Sheeran’s set where everyone wasn’t singing at the top of their lungs and just simply having a good time. One of the highlights of the evening would have to be the moment Sheeran took it down a notch and mashed an old classic Feeling Good together with his very own I See Fire.

Sheeran’s appeal and uniqueness lie in the fact that he does it all single-handedly with just a couple of guitars, a loop pedal and his voice, all whilst maintaining a strong engagement with the crowd. At one point he even cracked a joke about what is known as the ‘dad dance’ in England, demonstrating what it was, and calling upon everyone to just let loose and do their worst dance.

Credits: AEG Presents Asia

The energy in the Stadium remained at an all-time high, erupting in even louder cheers as Sheeran closed out the concert with his final 3 songs — Sing!, as well as Shape of You and You Need Me, I Don’t Need You serving as the encore to an amazing evening of music and pure talent.

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