Interview with WWE Superstar “The Miz”

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar The Miz has been in the wrestling industry for almost 12 years. You may have known him when he was still a reality show star back in the day on MTV The Real World. He has now put his past behind him to chase his greatest dream.

Being in the industry, The Miz has won numerous title in the WWE. He is a 1-time WWE Championship, 7-time Intercontinental Champion, 4-time WWE Tag Team Champion, 2-time United States Champion, 2-time World Tag Team Champion as well as Mr Money In The Bank in 2010!

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Before entering the big stage of the WWE, The Miz had struggled to make it to the main roster numerous times. That, however, didn’t stop him from making that dream come true. He has now made a name for himself, and the WWE had always known that he had the star quality to bring the brand up to a higher level! Even though he is a current heel in the ring, it always gives him great pleasure to know that he is entertaining people and bringing smiles on their faces.

During his years in the WWE, The Miz was tasked to be a host for The Divas Search — A contest to find the next Diva Wrestler. It was through hosting The Divas Search that him and his wife, 2-time WWE Divas Champion, Maryse met. Recalling his first meeting with her, The Miz explains how Maryse had come into the competition not knowing any English as she was from Montreal, Canada and her native tongue was French. This did not stop but in fact motivated him to pursue her and make her his lovely wife eventually.

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The Miz simply laughed when questioned about what he felt about using Maryse as shield in the ring, and said that she has always been the protector in the relationship and she knows what to do in the ring. She would even help him in any way possible to make sure that he keeps his current title. Knowing his opponent will never hurt Maryse, he uses this as an advantage to his side.

The Miz is the current Intercontinental Champion and past winners such as big names like Ric Flair, Rob Van Damn and Chris Jericho hold the championship. With his current reign, The Miz will do anything to hold on to the title.

With the success of the current Womens Superstar and what they have accomplished, we asked The Miz his opinion of where this would lead to in the future. He is confident that it will continue to do well and even praised the past wrestlers for paving the way for current superstars to achieve what they have today.

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When asked about who he would want to induct him into the Hall Of Fame whenever that happened, without batting an eyelid The Miz’s response was his wife Maryse because he knows that if he doesn’t let her she she is going to be super pissed.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank The Miz for taking time out of his schedule to do this interview with us and WWE for granting us the wonderful opportunity of this interview!

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