Film Review: In This Corner of the World

The animation In This Corner of the World is set in the early years leading into the second world war in 1945 in Kure, Japan. Kure was a port famous for its Naval operations. The tough times during the World War led to the bombings of Hiroshima. The tale revolves around a young girl, Suzu Urano. Despite being only eighteen years old, she accepts a marriage proposal by someone who she had barely known. She plucks up the courage and decides to move to Kure to live with her future husband’s family.

She travels an hour back and forth from her hometown in Hiroshima to Kure by train — a bittersweet yet comforting life of a domesticated housewife and daughter-in-law. She takes over the basic duties of the household such as collecting food rations for the family. and overcomes challenges faced during the threatening attacks by the Americans and British, who caused massive destruction to the town by unleashing deadly atomic bombs. The constant announcements of air raids by the navy causes great distress and uncertainty to the family.

It is a heart-warming film for all ages with a touch of gore in a surprisingly pleasant way. If you are a fan of manga comics, you be amazed by how the aftermath of the war is portrayed. With the colourful touches of paint on the foreground symbolising bomb explosions in mid air, Suzu’s perspective of life as told by her beautiful illustrations, keeps you in a dream just like how she sees it. I deeply admire her for being skilful in her ability to create her own kimono from scratch and the impeccable recipes that she whips up daily despite the food shortages.

Don’t forget to catch In This Corner of the World when it screens in cinemas from 6 July 2017!





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