Getting legit with WWE Superstar – The Legit Boss “Sasha Banks”

The Legit Boss. When these words pop into the minds of the WWE Universe fans, one superstar comes to mind – female wrestler Sasha Banks. Hailing from Boston, Banks grew up watching WWE as a child and idolising late wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

With big dreams to one day become just like her idol, she started wrestling at the age of 18. Banks has learnt many things from watching Guerrero wrestle. It taught her to never give up no matter what people have told Guerrero when he was told that he was too small to do this and that. Watching him has fueled the passion in her, citing Guerrero as an amazing wrestler.

Up till today, Banks has broken many WWE records, compared to when she first started at NXT where she was first signed to WWE. Recently, WWE made the decision to name all female wrestlers as Superstars and not Divas. It is a huge step for somen wrestlers to be known and recognised as equals with their male counterparts. When asked how she felt about the change, Banks said that it’s “awesome and huge”. Not only that, WWE even changed the whole Divas title into a Womens’ Champion when this was announced.

So what’s next for the Legit Boss? Main eventing Wrestlemania of course! Every wrestler’s dream is to headline Wrestlemania and she will never stop till she is there. Banks is best known for a lot of first-time matches. First women Ironman Match for the NXT Women’s Championship with Bayley, main event RAW with Charlotte after 4 years and a Women’s Hell In The Cell main event match for the RAW’s Women’s Championship with Charlotte.

Banks even dreams of a Women’s Ladder match and even a Women’s Money in the Bank match one day. Women’s wrestling has come along way since it’s humble beginnings. Back then, women wrestlers have set the pace for the future generation. Banks feels that womens’ wrestling wouldn’t be where they are now if not for the past events.

WWE fans know that RAW and Smackdown aren’t the only main roster wrestling that is offered. They also have NXT where future main roster wrestlers show what they have before being called up to be in the main roster. Sasha was from NXT, so when asked who she wants to see being called up and who she feels is doing an amazing job in NXT, her immediate answer is Australian wrestlers Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. She even hopes to work with the Iconic Duo if the opportunity arises. Banks also mentions that she wants to wrestle the undefeated NXT Women’s Champion “Asuka”.

For all wrestlers, their dream after retiring from WWE is to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. With many great wrestlers in the list like “Edge”, “Ultimate Warrior”, “Kurt Angle”, “Beth Pheonix” and even “DDP (Diamond Dallas Page)”. When asked who she wishes to induct her into the Hall of Fame, Banks without missing a beat named her best friend Bayley. She even wants Bayley  to be inducted with her.

What was Banks favourite moment or match she has taken part in throughout her career in WWE? Winning her first RAW Women’s Championship in LA against Charlotte Flair. That was the the highlight of her career winning the title that she had been dreaming of as a child.

Sasha Banks has broken many barriers in wrestling entertainment and she will continue to do so. So naturally, we had to ask what she thinks makes her stand out from the other wrestlers. ” I have purple hair and I am the Legit Boss and the only best one in the whole World”, she quipped.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank WWE  Singapore for giving us the wonderful opportunity to participate in this conference call and we would also like to say a big thank you to Sasha Banks for taking time out of her busy touring schedule to speak with us.

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