All Rounder Entertainer, Fauzie Laily Released New Single – Tunggu

This singer, actor and host is usually on your television screen on weekdays at 8.30 pm. He plays the role of Sulaiman, Norleena’s husband and the father of the big-eyed cute Rayyan. By now, you should have guessed who I am talking about. Playing the character of a son in law to the Rahmans on the long series drama on MediaCorp Channel 5, Tanglin, Fauzie Laily started in the entertainment industry as a singer.

The 32 year old was the second runner up of Anugerah 2005, a reality singing competition on MediaCorp Suria. Ever since the competition, he has released a few singles. Now, after 12 years in the industry, he is ready to share with you his debut EP, Tunggu which is now available for pre-order. For now, fans can enjoy the first single, Tunggu, which coincidentally has the same name as the EP. According to the singer, this EP is very personal to him as he wrote personal stories that he thought he would never share to anyone. This is a project he has been working on for the past two years amidst filming and hosting.

Ever since he announced the release of his EP, Fauzie has been teasing fans with short videos on Facebook. The short three part video is a lead up to his single, Tunggu. From the three short videos, fans are able to get to know him better. He talks about how he started in the entertainment industry, the struggles he went through and also, a very personal experience about his wife who had a miscarriage.

He has been married for five years and it is a norm that once you are married, people will start questioning you on when you would like to start a family. It is a topic one cannot escape. His latest single, Tunggu, is an expression from a guy’s perspective on how he as a guy and a husband felt after his wife went through miscarriage; the struggles and the different kinds of emotions he felt during that period. I teared watching the part 3 of the video. How am I suppose to control my emotion then listening to the single?

Personally, I felt that it is refreshing to hear from a guy’s perspective on this issue. Usually, we tend to hear from the woman’s side regarding this issue. I love how there is a real meaning to the single unlike songs we listen now which at times does not even make sense. Judging from this single, I felt that the 12 years wait is worth it and I am excited to hear the other songs from the EP. Pre-order the EP now on iTunes!

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