Teen Pop Act Tyler Sellers Releases MV for “Friend Zone”

Teen pop star, Tyler Sellers has just released his music video for his single, Friend Zone. The single will also be featured on his upcoming debut EP which is set to be released on April 28.

So is this single about Sellers being friend zoned?

Before listening and watching the video, I would have thought so but it proved me otherwise; a happy ending to say the least. To get the attention of your crush, you would do anything just to catch her attention. Likewise for Seller, he got her attention during his football practice and at a party. At the end of the party, they took a selfie together and he even got a peck on the cheek. “Is he dreaming?”, you would ask. Seller’s dream of being let out of the friend zone comes true when he wakes up the next day to discover a selfie of himself and his crush together.

“This video, in my opinion, relates to all teenagers, because we’ve all experienced the friend zone at some time. The story goes that the guy meets this girl and he’s in the friend zone. He finally gets out of the friend zone but then wakes up wondering if it was a dream. When he sees the pictures on his phone that he had taken with the girl the night before, he realizes that he really did make it out of the friend zone. I usually write songs from inspiration, but this one I actually wrote from experience,” said Sellers on the concept of the video.

Download Friend Zone on iTunes! Stay connected to Sellers by visiting his website and follow him on his Facebook PageInstagram and Twitter.

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