Introducing Australian Artist Jess Kent

Australian artist Jess Kent was recently in Singapore. You might find her familiar because she opened for Coldplay, the highly talked about concert in 2017 which were sold out in a matter of minutes and even had a second day added to it!

Kent produce, sings and write. Other than opening for Coldplay in Singapore and the rest of the leg of this current tour, she started touring with them in Australia. Born in Derby, England and raised in Australia, the 22 year-old started being in love with music since young thanks to her dad who is a blues-rock guitarist. At just the age of seven, she has started playing the guitar and even started busking with her brother.

Speaking of busking, Kent had the opportunity to go down memory lane when local rapper, THELIONCITYBOY brought her to Haji Lane. Other than indulging in the good food and checking out the area, she strummed her guitar and started busking. With her great voice and bubbly personality, she attracted passerbys who were lucky to witness that. Lucky Singaporeans and tourists even got snap a few pictures and selfies with her!

Kent shared that busking has helped her to relax; to be silly and just have fun. “I try not to take things too seriously because the reason I do music is to have fun and to connect with people,” expressed Kent.

Last November, Kent released her EP, My Name is Jess Kent which has a mix of hip-hop, alt-pop, and beat heavy electronic music. The EP features five songs. One of the songs, Get Down, a reggae-infused alt-dance-pop track has over two million plays on Spotify and emerged as the most frequently played song on national Australian radio station, triple j. It is no surprise that she got the attention of and Coldplay.

As the EP titled My Name is Jess Kent, this EP will let you discover who Kent is as an artist. It is an introduction of Kent to the music industry. Kent added that this EP is all written about her journey to get to where she is now. When asked which song she would recommend for one to listen to, she picked Get Down, the first song she wrote for the EP. Get a sneak peek of her hometown, South Australia, when you listen to Get Down as the single is all about her hometown!

Kent is definitely a star in the making. With her current EP which is getting encouraging attention, this lady is for sure going to make it big! Stay connected and up to dates by following Kent on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Jess Kent for the interview and Universal Music Singapore for coordinating the interview. 

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