Introducing Italian Rock Band – HalfLives

With many female-fronted bands such as Pvris, Paramore, and Against The Current in the music industry, it is hard to find an outstanding female-fronted band. Competition is very stiff amongst these bands.

 photo IMG_0069_zpsdox9bwc9.jpg

Introducing Halflives, a rock band from Italy who have beem garnering attention from both the media and fans around the world. Halflives consists of Linda Battilani (vocals), Enrico Bertoni (guitar & vocals), Matt Mantovani (guitar), Oscar Scantamburlo (bass) and Fede Bernardi (drums). The band just released their debut album, Empty Rooms two days ago, on April 14. Having announced a big tour ahead of the release of their debut album, the band will be touring the UK with Courage My Love in the coming months.

Their singles, Mayday and Burn have been gaining popularity and their fanbase has been steadily growing. With the powerful vocals of Battilani and the twin guitars from Bertoni and Mantovani, I am sure you will get hooked to them even on first listen. Mayday is more of an up tempo rock song that will make you want to head bang throughout the song whereas Burn carries a slower tempo. Both singles reveal how versatile the band is and show how hard-hitting rock songs are not just what the band is all about. It showcases the rawness of the song, band and songwriting that goes into the song.

For fans of Pvris and Hey Monday, do check out Halflives. It is one of the bands that will make it big in the future. Just check out their debut album and we guarantee that at least one of the tracks will be your favourite. You would not want to miss out on the awesomeness the band has to offer! Download the album now on iTunes. Follow the band on FacebookInstagramTwitter and their official website.

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