Yellowcard Bids Goodbye with A Place We Set Afire MV

Yellowcard played their last ever show on March 25. Thankfully for fans in Singapore, they were lucky enough to be able to catch the band perform in Singapore for the very last time this past February.

The Fifth Parlour did not miss this opportunity to catch the band. Check out our review. Before bidding goodbye, the band released a music video, A Place We Set Afire from their self-titled final album.

Fans who have grown up with Yellowcard would have started tearing up when they heard Ryan say, “We have fans that have been so devoted and so supportive of this band for so long now that I can’t imagine how to look them in the face and tell them this is happening.”

The band chose this single as the last video because this song was inspired by and written for fans which is a perfect goodbye video. 

“It’s definitely not easy,” concluded violinist Sean Mackin at the end of the video.  “I don’t want to say goodbye. I just want to say, Thank you.”

Thank you Ryan Key, Sean Mackin, Ryan Mendez and Josh Portman for being with us throughout the years and accompanying us with your songs.

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