A1 Brought Fans Back To Their Heydays At Here We Come Back Tour in Singapore 

Last Saturday, I was brought back to the past with one of the best selling boybands – A1. Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen and Mark Reads performed to an almost sold out concert at The Star Theatre.

Starting with Same Old Brand New You, the band showed the audience that they are still the A1 you knew back then. The night was filled with cheesy dance moves that made your heart go boom boom pow. As shared in our interview with band, they promised that this performance would be different and more intimate and that was exactly what they delivered.

The band never failed to tease each other on stage and shared with us some stories while touring as well as an explanatiom behind the idea of the songs. It was really nice to see them just being themselves on stage and interact with the audience. Other than teasing each other, I believe they also had fun teasing the audiences when playing some chords to test the reactions of the audiences. They also took requests from the floor. One of the songs that was performed even showcased past videos and fans’ pictures with the band. Before the tour, the band did a shout out on Facebook and Twitter to share their pictures with them. Lucky fans including me got to see our faces on the screen!

The band did not just successfully make the audience sing along to every song but they also made them dance along with them to some of their songs. I really had fun dancing along to Ready or Not. It was such a good sight to see the whole theatre dancing along with the band. At one point of time, I feel like I was at a gym session training my arms. Thinking back, if this were my gym classes, I would not miss a session

Credits: Mode Entertainment

Credits: Mode Entertainment

The night ended with the most anticipated song Like A Rose. It was their encore performance and fans knew that they would be back after being teased for 1.5 hours with the melody of the song. Instead of going back on stage right away, yet again, the band played with us. This time when the song started playing, they remained backstage listening to the audiences singing along to the song and started singing along to it backstage. Then, out of a sudden, they appeared on the stage. A lucky fan even got a rose from Adams!

The band thanked fans again and again throughout their performance for their never ending support all this while. Ingebrigtsen also revealed that Singapore fans made him realised his dream when they sang along to their song during their first visit to Singapore back then.

What a great night of reminiscing and listening to A1’s hits and songs that they have never performed in years. Even though the boys have now evolved to men, they have still got what it takes.

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