Ready or Not Singapore, A1 is Ready For You!

In the 90s, they entertained us with their hits such as Like A Rose, Caught In The Middle, Same Old Brand New You, Everytime and the list goes on. Next week, these boys will be coming to Singapore to ignite the fangirls in you!

Credits: Mode Entertainment

Yes, I am talking about the boys or rather the men of A1 which consists of Ben Adams, Chris Ingebrigtsen and Mark Read. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to have a quick interview with the band of what Singapore fans can expect from their concert next week.

Adams shared that they are excited to be coming back to Singapore and are most looking forward to seeing their fans again after the four years. “We have a lot in store for Singapore!” shared Adams.  Adams promise that fans can expect a different show from the past years; slightly more intimate an closer. Read added that, “last time, we were part of a show with two other acts so we did not have time to play all the hits, but this time we will not be leaving anything out.”

Fans can look forward for a night filled with all their hit tracks – including new and old and get to know the band better during the sharing sessions.

Recalling back to the past, Read shared about how awesome and beautiful Singapore is which was one of the reasons they filmed the No More music video. Can you recognize which part of Singapore is this taken?

Given that the members of A1 have been doing their individual projects, can we expect individual performances from them?

Adams revealed that they might throw in a few spontaneous solo spots if they feel like it during the set but for the concert, it will mainly consists of A1 songs. If you have been following Read on Instagram, he did share that he will be bringing along his ukulele. So, I guess we can expect some surprises. The band also shared that they are open to any request, so fans, standby a list just in case!

Singapore fans, let the countdown begin. Soon, we will get to see A1. A1 is really excited to meet you and Adam cannot wait to see your banners! Read also expressed his gratitude to Singapore fans for being so supportive.

Other than the concert, A1 will be making an appearance on October 22 for a meet and greet session at 12pm at OneKM Mall. The first 300 ticket holders are entitled to participate in the meet and greet session and receive an event poster that will be signed by A1.  So get your tickets now on SISTIC!

Ingebrigtsen shared that they might be checking out Marina Bay Sands while in Singapore. So fans, keep a look out for them!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Ben Adams, Chris Ingebrigtsen and Mark Read for the interview and ten10managementltd for coordinating the interview. 

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