Marga Lane gets you Thinking About Her with her new single, Thinking About You

She has toured in the US, performed at fashion weeks, and has even sung the national anthem at over 10 NBA and MLB games. The multi-intrumentalist has also got the attention of Lance Bass, who featured her on his SiriusXM radio show Dirty Pop. Her name is Marga Lane and the singer-songwriter has just released her new single, Thinking About You.

Thinking About You is the opening single for her upcoming EP, Undressed – due to be released on December 2. Thinking About You is a celebration of love, a new relationship and the hope and bliss that accompany it. Just like any lovebirds, when you first fall in love, you will tend to keep thinking about that someone. This single makes you reminisce about how you first fall in love with someone.

Credits: Marga Lane Facebook Page

Credits: Marga Lane Facebook Page

Graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lane moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional recording artist and songwriter. Since 2015, Lane has been compiling five-track stories of love and loss.  “I write a lot of love songs and love is synonymous with belief. I would hope my music inspires people to have a belief in the power of love. Whether it is love for yourself or love for another. You can believe that you are meant to be with a certain person or believe that you can overcome circumstances because you love yourself enough to,” shared Lane.

Love songs tend to speak to us more because believe it or not, love has been part of us since young. Be it love for others or love for yourself. I am looking forward to Lane’s EP and hearing her stories. Can two months fly fast so I’ll get to listen to her EP? For now, keep updated about Lane via her social media pages; TwitterFacebook Page and Instagram.

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