Sold out Performance for Eric Chou’s First Show in Singapore

Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Eric Chou was in town recently for Eric 周興哲 1st Live in Singapore, held at Shanghai Dolly. Enthusiastic crowds continued streaming in past 5 o’clock – the time at which the concert was supposed to commence.

Credits: Mode Entertainment

Credits: Mode Entertainment

The 21-year old talented singer kicked off the concert with the title track of his latest album –  爱,教会我们的事 (What Love Has Taught Us). Fans were treated to classic hit tracks such as  你好不好 and 学着爱. The concert peaked when he performed his greatest hit song –以后别做朋友 which brought the audience singing along with him. Chou never fails to interact with his fan especially during the song, Let it go, where he kept going to the front and shook hands with his fans and making the crowd excited with his upbeat songs.

Credits: Mode Entertainment

Credits: Mode Entertainment

Chou surprised his fans when he called upon local singer, Derrick Hoh. They performed a duet of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph and Justin Bieber’s  Sorry. It was great listening to both voice complementing each other.

Credits: Mode Entertainment

Credits: Mode Entertainment

At the end of the concert, fans refused to leave and shouted for encore. Chou heard their screams and sang one of the fans request 你, 好不好. Chou feels it is a pity just to leave straightaway because of how welcoming and enthusiastic the fans were hence, he decided to come out and sing for the fans before the concert ends.

Great concert! However, it was quite disappointing to see and experience when some of the staffs at Shanghai Dolly started shoving fans without saying any words of excuse. Hoping for a better and bigger venue the next time Chou comes back Singapore.

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