What connection does Dean have with a Green frog?

Known for his collaboration with various Kpop and American artistes, Kwon Hyuk (better known as Dean) was recently in Asia to promote his EP, 130 Mood: TRBL. The Fifth Parlour had the opportunity to sit and chat with the R&B artist, multi-platinum songwriter and record producer during his trip to Malaysia.

Dean’s stage name was inspired by the rebellious image of James Dean where he would like to express himself as an artist. As a rising star in the industry, Dean sets himself apart by composing his own music and showing his versatility through his talents. Just like any other artist, Dean feels the pressure after getting popular. He shares that he is appreciative and thankful for the support and opportunity that has been given to him.

Kpop fans! Are you familiar with these songs: Unfair by EXO, World Tour by Lee-hi and Bingle Bingle by Block B?

If you do not already know, Dean wrote those chart topping songs. It is now his time to shine with his new EP, 130 Mood: TRBL. The EP includes three previously released tracks;  I Love It (feat Dok2), Pour Up (feat ZICO) and What 2 Do (feat Jeff Bernat, Crush) and with four new tracks. Dean describes the EP as a combination of R&B and hip hop. The source of inspiration for his tunes comes from the different kinds music he has been listening since he was a kid.

For Dean’s next album, he has plans for it to be jungle-themed. Speaking of jungle, we asked which animal best represents him?

Green frog was his answer because he feels that a frog’s personality is similar to him. He shared a Korean phrase, 청 개구러 (cheong gaeguri), which means doing something the opposite way as being told to. This is synonym to his nickname, Dean Trbl (which stands for trouble)!

Adding on, he is looking forward to include his emotions, experience and inspirations from books, movie and people into the new album. Fans can expect new genres too, and Dean shared “who knows, it might be dance, disco or funk”.

Dean has his Rebels (name of his fanclub) behind him all the way which is evident from all his appearance around Asia. Fangirls welcomed him at the airport as well as attending his autograph session. Fangirls tend to have a dilemma when buying presents for their idols. Here are some tips from us.
Dean’s earphones tend to go missing almost three to four times a month, so a pair of earphones would be a useful present for him. Dean loves to indulge in a huge intake of wasabi when he eats sushi. Wasabi paste would be a good idea too. Hope this helps, Rebels!
Before we ended the interview, Dean shared something with us. Just so you know even though he always wear long sleeves during performance, he tends to be naked while at home! 😉

Singapore and international Rebels, we have something for you! Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook Page and Twitter!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Dean for the interview and Universal Music Singapore and Malaysia for coordinating the interview.

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