An Exclusive Date with 8th Prince from Scarlet Heart, Kang Ha Neul

In less than a year and now nicknamed by his fans as the 8th Prince, Kang Ha Neul is back in Singapore to promote his latest drama, Scarlet Heart. Upon his arrival on 26th August, he attended a closed-door press conference. However, this was not all to his schedule. The next day on 27th August, he greeted fans warmly in person at Waterway Point.

As fans screamed and cheered loudly for his appearance, Kang Ha Neul stepped on stage shyly but was quick and eager to show his love towards the supporting crowd. In a short interview session, he shared that it would be his first time catching Scarlet Heart and extended the invitation to fans in Singapore to catch the drama with him on ONE, same-time telecast as in Korea.

Next up, five lucky winners chosen by host Danny Yeo from the audience were invited on stage for an exclusive one-to-one date with Kang Ha Neul. Winners were able to enjoy intimate moments with their favourite idol. By intimate, I mean getting selfies with Kang Ha Neul for 8 seconds long OR appreciate his serenade of saranghae 사랑해 as he knelt on one knee OR a back + front hug as he took off his jacket to drape over her shoulders! Fans just could not hold their piercing screams as they watched and shook their heads violently from below. But wait, the highlight came when Kang Ha Neul shared an intense loving gaze with a male fan for 8 seconds.

Despite doing his best to control, Kang Ha Neul still erupted into burst of laughter as the fans screamed even louder for him. Other lucky winners were also able to receive his autographed poster while the rest of the audience was captured in a wefie with him.

Time flies exceptionally fast while you are having fun. Though fans may have caught him on stage for an hour, Kang Ha Neul has definitely had his fans going wild with his warm wide smiles and hearts, including this small one he brought along in his pocket.

Just as he left the stage, Kang Ha Neul had the most adorable and heart-warming word for his fans in Singapore: SAYANG!

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