KRU Brings Back Nostalgic Feels During Their 25th Anniversary Concert 

Last Saturday, I was brought back to my childhood days. Growing up in the 90s, this Malaysian boyband never fails to grace the television with their music. I remember enjoying their music and singing along to it.

The one and only Malay boybands whom I keep updates or listen to up till now is KRU. KRU celebrated their 25th anniversary in the music industry in Singapore at the Esplanade Concert Hall. There were too many surprises during the two and a half hour concert.

I was tricked during their opening when the dancers back faced the audience and on one of the rows, there were three mans. My camera was focused on the stage and suddenly a loud cheer erupted from behind. Yusry, Edry and Norman surprised the audience by entering from the back. Some lucky fans to got hi-5 with them.

The show started with a bang with The Way We Jam. Oh boy, these men can still dance! Dancing together with their back up dancers, On Stage Productions, these men showed that age does not matter when producing good shows. It is evident that they put in a lot of effort for this show. They still have what it takes, their vocals is still on point and each performance is filled with sincerity and energy. I was singing along to the songs that I could not remember how many songs were performed.

What is the next surprise?

One of Malaysia’s top actress, Lisa Surihani, made a special appearance. She was part of the back up dancers during the song, Oh La La. She came out with a bandana covering her face. I noticed a female dancer suddenly appearing because for other acts, there are only male dancers. I did not give much notice until she started flirting with Yusry. Then, I knew it had to be his wife, Lisa. And I was right! It was such a beautiful sight to see Lisa and Yusry together on stage. I was really impressed with Lisa’s dance move. She really was on par with the other dancers during the performance showing how much went in during the training.

Audience interaction was aplenty during the concert. They made it a point to connect with the audience by sharing their memories, waving to them, cracking jokes and giving eye contact. One of the performance even included some of the audience. One of their songs, Tiga Kata, has a few languages in their lyrics. Basically, I love you, is being said in different languages. In order to spice things up, six audiences were chosen and they need to represent a nationality. Not only that, they need to wear a mask. Hence, on stage, there were Jackie Chan, David Beckham, Taufik Batisah, Psy, Indian man and Doraemon to represent Japan. This song was also dedicated to Singapore’s 51st birthday which represents the diversity in this country.

While watching the concert, these men reminded me of the Backstreet Boys’ concert I attended last year. The showmanship is similar and nothing is stopping them from making great music up till now. Is KRU the Backstreet Boys of Malaysia? It is a definite yes to me!

KRU is here to stay. They released a new single, Hinnga Ke Jannah, earlier this year and I hope there are more to come. A new album, perhaps. Congratulations Edry, Norman and Yusry for making it this far in the industry. To many more years and concerts in Singapore!

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