Nathan Hartono spreading the Singapore Flag in China

He just finished his first concert at the Esplanade Theatres on July 9th. To some, he is no stranger to the local music scene in Singapore. However, some might just heard his name when he appeared on Sing! China.

Credits: Matthew Lau & Henzy David

Nathan Hartono is the talk of the town right now after he appeared on Sing! China competition. Sing! China is similar to the reality singing competition, The Voice where the judges listen to the contestant singing during a blind audition. If the love what they are hearing, they will turn their chair. However, for Sing! China, the judges will slide forward if they love it. Hartono managed to wow the judges with his voice and got all four of them to slide down.

Other than being wowed by his voice, they were also mesmerised by his looks and charisma. One of the judges, Na Ying, even asked a hug from him. Eventually, Hartono chose Mandopop King, Jay Chou.

The 2015 Teenage Icon Talent has come a long way in the music industry. It is time for Singaporeans to acknowledge local talents and not only discover them when they make it overseas. The Fifth Parlour is porous of Hartono’s achievement and we wish him all the best. Check out our interview with the talented Hartano two years ago.

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