Yay or Nay? Fish & Co. Singapore Salted Egg Dishes 

Another food establishment is joining the everything-with-salted-egg bandwagon. This time it is Fish & Co. Singapore.

Credits: Fish & Co. Singapore

Fish & Co Singapore introduced two new dishes; Salted Egg Fish & Chips and Salted Egg Prawn Fritters. So is it worth the try and money? Let me break it down for you.

As a fan of anything Salted Egg, I could not wait for the food to arrive and was eagerly waiting to put the two dishes into my mouth. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

When I saw that there was Salted Egg on the Fish & Chips, it got me more excited because it looks so good. On top of that, they sprinkled curry leaves on it. The menu also states that they also stuffed Salted Egg paste inside the Fish & Chips. Salted Egg overload you would say. When I first cut the Fish & Chips, I did not see any stuffed salted egg paste as described. Then, I tried searching for the taste when I bite into the fish. But I just could not find any salted egg taste. It just tasted like normal Fish & Chips. The paste on the salted egg was tasteless.

I then tried the Prawn Fritters Salted Egg. I was impressed with how fresh the prawn is. However, I was again disappointed because I could not find the salted egg taste.

Looks can be deceiving. Thankfully, the dishes were fresh hence, even though the salted egg taste was missing, one is still able to finish it. I am unsure if the outlet I ate in Vivo City is an exception. I would love to give it another go if you are able to convince me that the other outlet Salted Egg dishes tasted like one.

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