Weekend coffee date in Merriment cafe

In search of a quiet enjoyment for coffee date, I chanced upon Merriment in JTC Summit and fell deeply in love with the place and its serenity.

Merriment is part of the famous Drury Lane franchise. As such, their coffee brews are no doubt of assured quality. However, there is much more this cafe has to offer for a great dining experience. Teamed up with talented bakers from In The Brickyard, there is bound to be the perfect slice of cake to complement your drink. For my first experience, I ordered Smores to sweeten my cup of latte with a special swan latte art design. Coffee lovers can also approach the baristas to have a try of their unique filter coffee.

The cafe also provides a conducive atmosphere for gatherings and small chats over brunch. On Saturdays, the cafe warmly welcomes the public to dine in from 9am to 5pm. Riding along with the salted egg yolk craze, you are definitely in for a treat to the signature Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Eggs Ben. Replacing the usual hollandaise sauce, this dish invites diners to savour the mix of two different types of egg yolk. It was pretty intriguing for a salted egg yolk fan. I definitely enjoyed Eggs Ben better now with the unique taste of salted egg yolk. For a heavier meal, one can also go for Salted Egg Yolk with Grilled Prawns Linguine or perhaps Creamy Mushroom and Truffle Oil Spaghetti, each at $14.

After the lovely meal, it is time to a take another sip of coffee.

Yet just when you thought that was all to the dining experience, one can head over to the cafe counter and interact with their baristas. One might be in time to watch the friendly baristas prepare latte art for the next customer order. For this wonderful cafe experience in Merriment, do locate it in JTC Summit, right opposite of Jurong East MRT Station.

8 Jurong Town Hall Road
The JTC Summit
Singapore 609434
6222 6698

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