Dulang Ambeng by Hajjah Mariam Cafe is the Way to Go for Family Gathering 

During family gathering or events, food is always the concern and main priority. Some tend to go for the easy way out by ordering from catering or fast food deliveries such as pizza. If you are a fan of Malay food, you should check out Dulang Ambeng from Hajjah Mariam Cafe.

Credits; Hajjah Mariam Cafe’s Facebook Page

Located at Westgate, Hajjah Mariam Cafe serves Malay Cuisine and one of their most talked dish is the Nasi Ambeng. Nasi Ambeng has a few dishes that comes alongside with it such as Bagedil (Potato Fritters), Acar (vegetables), Serunding (dessicated coconut), Sambal Goreng (tofu and soy beans fried in chili gravy) Sambal Belacan (chili with prawn paste). You can also top it off with either Ayam Lemak Cili Api (chicken in gravy with bird’s eye chili) or Beef Rendang. For premium order other than the above dishes, you can add either cow lungs or brinjal.

Credits: Hajjah Mariam Cafe’s Facebook Page

Now I am sure you are wondering how much it would cost for the Nasi Ambeng.

Here is the list of  Ambeng On-The-Go:

  • Solo: $8.50 (minimum 10 boxes)
  • Duet: $23
  • Duet premium (additional of brinjal & lungs): $29
  • Jumbo (3-4 pax) standard: $33
  • Jumbo premium (Brinjal/Cow Lungs): $39

I have been ordering the Jumbo set for my family gathering. I like how we are able to eat as a family with the container served. Other than eating together, it brings us closer as we got to have small chats with each other. My favourite dish would be the serunding because it complements the dish really well. The Jumbo set serves three to four people but I think four would be ideal if you are not a big eater.

If you notice, the way the dishes are displayed, there are three sets of it. Fret not, if four persons are eating it because they are not stingy on their quantity. For the Dulang Ambeng, you can either choose to self collect or delivery. Delivery charges is between $15-$50 based on location and quantity. For public holiday, 1.5 rate applies.

Cannot wait to get your hands on these dishes, head down to Westgate now! You are able to eat Malay cuisine at the cafe too. However, please take note that the cafe is quite small hence, if you are lucky, you might be able to get a seat. Else, you can just opt for takeaway or delivery.

Now, you can say goodbye to cleaning and washing dishes if you order the Dulang Ambeng!

For more information on Hajjah Mariam Cafe, please visit their website or Facebook Page.


Hajjah Mariam Cafe

Westgate Shopping Mall

3 Gateway Drive 


Singapore 608532

10 am-9 pm 

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