Beers are the Way to Bear Culture’s Hearts

You would not want to know how the name – Bear Culture came about for the band. Basically, it involved Google and some culture shock.

 photo DSCF8358_zpsvi4sgnqr.jpg

The band is a mix of group of men and a lady, vocalist Amira. Being the only lady in the team, she has gotten used to being one of the brothers. She shared that there was once the band practiced in just undies and boxers as the weather was hot. According to Amira, being the only lady in the band also has its perks. She can enjoy the privilege of being late for practice or soundcheck, because it is a norm for a lady to take their time when dressing up.

 photo DSCF8355_zpshjfd24uz.jpg

Recently, the band played in Canada for Canada Music Week. “Magical,” was the word used to describe their experience playing for the Canadian crowd. Comparing playing to the crowd in Canada and the local crowd, it is of course different as the Canadian crowd are more tamed yet nice compared to Singaporeans who are wilder. The Canadian crowd even went up to the band to offer them free beer and food. The band then declared that they are more than happy to accept payment in beers for future interviews and performance!

 photo 13418467_1149057025137807_2370044763579190001_o_zpscxqhs3wq.jpg

After Baybeats, they band will be having a  homecoming show at Ignite Music Festival on July 30 at Republic Polytechnic. As of now, there are no plans on any upcoming album as they taking a short break soon after their homecoming gig. The band last released a self titled album that took them three years in the making due to personal commitments.

 photo DSCF8354_zpsof2ntqba.jpg

Bear Culture have come a long way – paving a path for more female fronted band in the future. Showing the local music scene what they can do, Bear Culture has a bright future ahead of them. Hopefully with a signing to a major label and touring the world and maybe, just maybe. Warped Tour in the sleeve? We wish the band all the best in their future endeavors and we look forward to seeing them at Ignite Music Festival!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Bear Culture for taking time to do the interview. 

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